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October Fiesta 2003

Dr. Antonio Zavaleta, Dr. Phillip Kendall, Rachel Barrera and Jose Duarte attended the October Fiesta in Espinazo, Nuevo León from Friday, Oct. 17th through Saturday, Oct. 18th. The October Fiesta took place on the Wednesday, October 15th until Sunday, 19th.

Men hold up the standards (estandarte).

During the day, penitentes filled the streets along with groups paying homage to the Niño Fidencio. The groups varied from very small with only the penitente and a few members to very large which included matachine dancers, a materia, singers, and dozens of members dressed in their regalia.

Different -spirits- are channeled
Different “spirits” are channeled to help those in need.

Friday evening, there were fireworks in front of the tomb of El Niño Fidencio. The streets were filled with spectators. Afterwards, groups hired musicians to play for their pilgrims. Additionally, there was also a dance on Thursday and Friday night.

Panita presenting the homily.
large columna paying homage
A large columna paying homage to the Niño Fidencio.

Saturday morning was a very special time because Panita and her missions gathered at La Dicha. The members of the missions formed two large circles, with an inner circle of the standards and flags. In the middle, Panita and the materias kneeled or sat as the Niño in Panita presented the homily. Everyone listened attentively to the message of El Niño which stressed friendship, love for each other and humility of materias that channel the Niño Fidencio. He also offered blessings to all who were there, to those that could not be there and to all those in need.

Activity around the Pirulito
Activity around the Pirulito was plentiful during the day but in the evening it would peak due to the cool temperatures.
spiritual cleansings
People formed lines to receive spiritual cleansings by the materias around the pirulito.
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