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March Fiesta 2004

Additionally, there is an article in the online Houston Chronicle by Dudley Althaus entitled, “Desperate yet faithful, thousands seek cures Mexican healers offer hope to sick.”  (Due to circumstances beyond our control this article is no longer available. You may visit the newspaper site for options for gaining access to it.)

penitents muddy from bathing
A common site during the “high days” of fiesta, penitents muddy from bathing in “El Charquito” make their way to the tomb thus paying back their “Promesa”.
Traditional Matachine groups
Traditional Matachine groups and penitentes make their way along the “Avenida de Dolores” to the tomb of El Niño Fidencio.

Ciprianita Zapata de Robles, now more than 80 years old is pictured being driven in a golf cart during the “desfile general” at the height of the fiesta.

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