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Party of March 2000

The March Fiestas of El Niño Fidencio was celebrated on the 17th, 18th, and 19th of 2000. On the 19th, the Fiesta took advantage of and celebrated the day of the Saint of El Niño Fidencio, the “Day of San Jose.”

The town of Espinazo dressed up and the streets were filled with colors and flowers that reached the grave. Some people decorate and decorate their homes with banners.

On Sunday the 19th, they performed a mass in “El Pirulito,” directed by Ciprianita “Panita” Zapata, the “Materia” of El Niño Fidencio. During the Mass, El Niño “materialized” in Panita, gave a sermon on his writing as is customary on that special day.

Typical house in Espinazo
Typical house in Espinazo, unfolding a standard.

The sermon of March 19 has been transcribed and is available in Spanish at the following link: Escritura del Niño Fidencio in Panita its major material on San José, March 19, 2000, in Espinazo Nuevo León, Mexico.


The Lollipop
The “Lollipop” is decorated for the March Festival.

“Panita” and her disciples met in El Pirulito to go to mass. All those who attended Espinazo could hear the message of the Child. At the end of the mass, a large procession was formed and directed by Panita.

The bearers of the relics that would be presented in the tomb, followed Panita during the procession. Traditionally, carriers have served the Child for many years. Panita guided all the missions in a great procession until they reached the tomb.

Each mission displayed its banners and flags during the mass and walked in rows during the procession that it reached to measure in kilometers long. The missions followed the banners and flags.

The “pilgrims” of the missions listened to the mass behind the banners and when the procession began, they sang praises until they reached the tomb. When they arrived at the tomb, the Child, materialized in Panita, received the pilgrims and gave their blessings to all present.

The events are a tradition that is celebrated every year during the March Festival.

the Party of March 2000
The procession at the Fiesta of March 2000 during the Mass. Everyone listens to the writing of the Child.
unfold the banners
On one side of the procession, the men unfurl the banners.
other side women
and on the other side women.
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